I’m Vaibhav Tiwari

, Web Developer, Web Designer, Mobile Application Developer

Technologist with 10 years of Industry Experience

I have honed my skills in Fullstack and Frontend development, specializing in the MERN stack (React JS, Node/Express JS) and AWS cloud services. My expertise extends to creating hybrid web applications using React Native. I have successfully led projects in diverse domains like -

Retail and E-Commerce
Banking and Finance (BNFS)


Microsoft Certified Specialist: HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3
AWS Certified Developer Associate
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals.
Walter Patterson

My Services

I offer services fit for any website or app. I can quickly maximize timely deliverables for real-time use-cases.

web design
Web Design
Web Development
graphic design
Graphic Design
app development
App Development

My Skills

I am a quick learner and specialize in multitude of skills required for Web Application Development and Product Design

Node Js75%
React Js90%
Express Js80%
Mongo DB70%
MERN Stack90%


Technical Lead

LTIMindtree (Jan 2022-Present)
Client Deboarding System
Client - HSBC

CODI is a comprehensive B2B solution tailored to manage the offboarding of corporate clients seeking HSBC Loans and related services. It meticulously validates clients or client groups, engaging multiple departments such as Accounts, Relationship Management, and corporate functions.

This platform serves as a crucial tool in preventing client data leaks by orchestrating workflows and aligning all stakeholders, prompting informed actions for retaining or offboarding clients professionally and efficiently.

  • Leading the development of pre-scoped workflows.
  • Integrations with new systems to add new stakeholders/departments.
  • Mentoring Team on best practices and screening/Interviewing the candidates for Team.
React JS Postgres SQL Java Jest
ShareHolder Disclosure Hub
Client - Broadridge

Shareholder’s Disclosure Hub is an state of the art integrated solution for investors worldwide to achieve SRD II Compliance. Hub allows the reception of requests and submission of Reponses through and helps to track-down the intermediaries by forwarding the requests to the intended Custodians. Hub allows all this to occur in multi-channel mode like Swift, API, SFTP and Emails.

  • Lead the Development of products for the new markets.
  • Migrate the product to the cloud in the pre-planned and phased manner.
  • Design and create the HLDs for the scoped development.
  • Mentoring Team on best practices and also screening/Interviewing the candidates for Team.
React JS Node JS Express JS Mongo DB IBM Cloud Git Openshift Jenkins

Lead Engineer

Accenture (Dec 2016 - Jan 2022)
app development
California Consumer Privacy Act
Client - BestBuy US

Consumer Privacy Reporting is the reporting application build to cater the customer’s request for the privacy data under California Consumer privacy Act. Application consolidates the data from more than 40 different systems and generate reports by filtering data through highly complex data sanitization workflows.

  • Develop the system integration and reporting architecture for communicating to different systems.
  • Setup the AWS cloud instances to accept the data from various systems and save them to s3.
  • Develop the critical application components like Framework.
  • Build the prototype for one system integration which can be cloned for others.
  • Mentoring Team on Architecture and framework developed.
  • Assessing/Interviewing the new candidates for the team.
React JS Node JS Express JS HTML AWS KMS AWS S3 AWS Cloud Jenkins CSS
Central Identity and Access System
Client - BestBuy Mexico

CIA- Mexico is a new IAM application which replaces the legacy single channel IAM system to now support the Omni-Channel IAM. This Application implements the state of the art security features and enables the customer to have the seamless authentication experience across the devices.

  • application and its architecture with MERN (Mongo, Express, React and Node) stack.
  • Developed complex and reusable components for the application.
  • Delivered application with team of 8 members in a very stringent deadline.
  • Conducted interviews and mentored team on React in a really short period of time.
  • Awarded with shining star award for exemplary performance.
React JS Node JS Express JS Openshift Docker Jenkins
CoreBlue Enterprise
Client - BestBuy US

Coreblue Enterprise is Best Buy US's in-store app, streamlining product search, addition, and checkout for customers while empowering store agents to schedule deliveries, pickups, price matches, and product subscriptions. This multifunctional tool enhances efficiency and professionalism in-store, reflecting Best Buy's commitment to top-tier service and operations.

  • Designed, developed and deployed features based on client requirements in agile development method.
  • Created an Automation suite, saving over 40 hours/month of time for team.
  • Won the Innovation Competition with the team of youngest members.
  • Interviewed & Mentored 20 team members, enabled them on Front-end technologies like Angular and JavaScript.
Angular JS 1.x Java Splunk
Client - Dixon Carphone UK

Teamknow how is a service site for the UK’s biggest electronic retailer. This application catered the need of customers to apply for repairs, getting the knowledge about the products, troubleshooting the devices and other miscellaneous activities like tracking, tradeIns etc. This application was built on the Adobe’s Creative marketing Cloud with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

  • Designed, developed and deployed features based on client requirements in agile development method.
  • Created an Automation suite, saving over 40 hours/month of time for team.
  • Won the Innovation Competition with the team of youngest members.
  • Interviewed & Mentored 20 team members, enabled them on Front-end technologies like Angular and JavaScript.
AEM 6.2 Angular JS HTML CSS Javascript

System Engineer

TCS (Jul 2014 - Nov 2016)
SmartSales™ Engage
Type - Hybrid-Mobile Application

SmartSales Engage is a versatile mobile app designed for sales teams, facilitating the seamless transition of leads into potential clients or projects. This application efficiently manages the entire opportunity lifecycle, from inception through various phases to successful completion. With its sophisticated user interface, users can stay up-to-date with real-time updates presented in a user-friendly timeline.

  • Analysed, debugged and fixed product critical defects.
  • Developed responsive fluid design pages for cross platform support.
  • Designed and developed custom Timeline to easily track and display various fields in sales opportunities.
  • Created content repository to track release process which reduced complexity to track issues for future referencing.
Angular JS 1.x Java Cordova HTML CSS Javascript


Vaibhav is technically strong. He has positive attitude towards work and very systematic. Excellent team player. Apart from this he also won prizes for singing.
Manisha Shroff
Senior Manager, TCS
client 1
I had the pleasure to work with Vaibhav while in TCS. We worked in the Smart Sales project together for a period of 3 years. Vaibhav has a knack of learning new technologies very fast. And also to get an expertise of the same in a very short span of time. Vaibhav was responsible for developing many end to end solutions in the project, especially the timeline feature. Which was once of the most complex UX and UI experience built. Vaibhav took initiative not only in the development of the feature, but also fine tuned it to be much faster and responsive in small end mobile phone browsers.Vaibhav is a very talented singer as well. So, it would be a no brainer decision to ever work with Vaibhav again! Looking forward for many more opportunities
Akhil Arjun
Vice President, Goldman Sacs
client 1

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